Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Music........

This new project with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi is really out of this world. Getting to play in a band with my brother Kofi after over ten years is better than I can explain with mere words. This week we have TWO sets of brothers in the band. Kofi and his little brother (me), and Derek and his little brother Duane. Too cool. I don't think I've ever done that before!

Sometimes the best things in your life come much later than you would think. we've been rehearsing and writing a ton. Its been really cool because we are pooling resources from friends old and new. Our list of composers includes myself, Kofi, Derek, Susan, Mike Mattison, Tyler Greenwell, Eric Krasno, Adam Deitch, Nigel Hall, Oliver Wood, Doyle Bramhall,............ It goes on and on. How can you go wrong with so many cool people pitching in? The live shows are so much fun (if you haven't caught one yet) and the music keeps getting better and better the more we play. I hear it evolving just in rehearsal. Usually more of that happens live because of the energy from the audience but somehow we're getting that energy even without the crowd!

I have a great sense of anticipation about heading out to California to spread the word on the Left Coast. I'm also excited to see what the fans of the various bands will think of the new stuff. We haven't really preconceived as much of it as you might think. In fact, it has turned out a lot different than what I pictured. But, now that I look back on it, it makes total sense. When you consider all of our influences it all fits perfectly. If you're looking for a rehash of the Allman Brothers Band you're might be a little let down. Every song does not have two long guitar solos in it. I'm really excited that Susan is getting equal time for her guitar solos too. She rips it. If you're expecting all the songs to be short for the radio then you might be a little let down too. We do some jamming! Hey we're all lovers of jazz so that's gonna come out too. If you come to it with no preconceptions though, you're gonna be blown away because you'll get what you want plus a lot more.

What a great group of people to work with and for. Like I said before, sometimes the best things in life come later than you think. How sweet to know that your best days are definitely NOT behind you!


  1. Wow! Sounds awesome. What are you calling yourselves? I'm hoping ya'll come down to Tampa, FL sooner or later. I love the Trucks Band, Tedeschi and anything that you've ever done (especially the Peacemakers stuff), but one name that really stuck out at me was Doyle! This is one guy that I would love to start seeing more of. Monster guitar player (little different type 'monster' than Mark Kimbrell, who is THE monster) and great writer. I was happy to hear he helped write some tunes on Derek's last album. Hopefully be seeing more of him in the near future too.

    Best of Luck

  2. Sooo good to read here and feel your excitement about this latest musical adventure.

    Looking forward to seeing y'all in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA in July. The tickets are in hand :-)

    Much love and prayers for safe travel always,
    Grandma Betty

  3. Oteil, we enjoyed the awesome set on Sunday in Santa Cruz; and yes, we were feeling the energy y'all were projecting from the stage,you were all smiles. Great band indeed.

    Thank you! Jon Sawyer

  4. Fantastic post.. I wish you and the guys could fly from left coast to Japaaaan!! Can't wait to see you at Fuji Rock Festival in July.


  5. I just watched your video with Herbie Hancock. Someone suggested that we watch it without sound first. There was child-like joy on all of your faces. We then watched it running the audio. What a treat! Every once in a while, we are blessed to play with a collection of musicians who are good or better than us AND we share "something" else. It is magic. We never want to let it go. Bravo!

  6. You guys rip it up. Album in the mix? I really enjoyed the NO Jazz Fest shows, in particular the HOB show. Great stuff.