Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you guess what illness these "meds" are supposed to cure?

I was watching a prerecorded program on my DVR and I heard this commercial for a new pill. Fortunately I was able to rewind and pause so I could copy all this down. I'll give you the "possible" side effects, then see if you can guess what its supposed to treat.

This is 100% literal as transcribed from the commercial.

Side effects may include:

High fever
Stiff muscles
Trouble swallowing
Thoughts of suicide
Decrease in white blood cells
Permanent uncontrollable muscle movements
Impaired judgement and motor skills
Extremely high blood sugar leading to coma or death.

You guessed it folks! This medicine is supposed to treat depression!

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  1. Just thank God that big pharma gives us this manna so that we do not have to turn to natural herbs, such as marajuana. Side affect number one, laughing with your friends.